Creating a planetary system with coindesigner

  1. We begin by launching the application and creating a Separator for the planet Earth.
  2. We add a Texture2 node and load the file earth.jpg. We then add a Sphere node so we can model the planet Earth.
  3. Now we're going to make our planet revolve. To do this we add a Rotor node, placing it above the Sphere node. We then edit the rotation values as shown for rotation around the axis, adjusting rotation speed to 0.5.
  4. We're now finished modeling the Earth. Now we'll model the moon, adding a new Separator node, with a Sphere, to the ROOT node as shown. We edit the radius of the sphere so it will be less than that of Earth, 0.2 for example.
  5. We can't see our new sphere? No problem. It's still inside our planet Earth. To put it in its proper place, we add a Translation node, displacing it 10 units along the X axis. Now click on the 'eye' icon (see step 6 for the location of the icon, on the right of the display) so the camera will move far enough away that the whole scene is visible.
  6. Now we're going to make the moon revolve around the Earth. To do this, we insert a Rotor node before the Translation node and adjust rotation velocity, just as we did in step 3. (We don't need to insert a Rotor node to make the moon turn since it always presents the same face to the Earth.)
  7. Here's the result we should get, with the Earth and the moon revolving automatically.